MOSES and his journey to the Promised Land

Set in Ancient Egypt at a time of Pharaohs and palaces, Moses was born a Hebrew. At this time Hebrew men were slaves in Egypt and Pharaoh decided to kill all newborn Hebrew boys. With seemingly no hope or future young Moses was quickly hidden by his mother in the reeds of the River Nile for safety.

He drifted down-stream in his Moses basket and was found by the Pharaoh's daughter who, taking pity on the child, decided to bring him up in the palace as her own brother. Brought up as royalty, Moses' fortunes looked brighter for a while, but life was not always straightforward. As He grew up, he felt a burden for his people. Moses couldn't stand to see the Hebrew slaves being bullied by Pharaoh's men. As a young man it all got too much for him and he killed an Egyptian slave master. Consequently Moses had to immediately flee the country, scared for his own life.

He fled to the desert where everything went quiet for a while until God called Moses to go back to Egypt and free the Hebrew slaves. After what Moses had done, how could God use him? And how on earth would Moses tell the Pharaoh, King of Egypt, to let the Hebrews go? What was to happen next is enough to blow your mind!

Journey with Moses as he leads God's people to freedom. Learn the valuable lesson of trust, obedience, leadership and citizenship through this famous story. And enjoy the fantastic new songs by Watnots Music.

The Score

1. Ancient Egypt
2. Slaves Song
3. Hush Now Moses
4. Look Where He's living
5. Building Song
6. A Deserted Life
7. The Burning bush
8. God's Will
9. Run for Freedom
10. Water!
11. Laying Down the Law
12. The Promised Land


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