A mature and well told version of the story of events that lead up to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Ten strong songs, two instrumental pieces and opportunities for part singing and recorder playing which stretch the musical skills of those performing. Sing About A Stable is an all round musical suitable for the whole school to sing.

The Score

The Sing About A Stable score comes with the piano score, script, lyric sheets and a CD of the backing tracks (sung and unsung).

Click on the icons to hear a sample of the music.

1. Market Day
2. The Legions
3. We Make Our Way
4. The Night Is Dark
5. Don't Knock
6. Shepherds (instrumental)
7. Angel Voices
8. Gentle Jesus
9. Kings' March (instrumental)
10. We Are The Kings
11. Darkness Falls
12. Open Your Eyes


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