The people on earth were being selfish and unkind and so God decided to send his only son, Jesus, to earth to save them. He asked Angel Gabriel and the Little Star to help him. Although the Little Star is smaller than the others, she shines the brightest and much to the distress of all the others, God wants her to be his guide. Baby Jesus is born in the stable to the excitement of the little animals who live there and they have a party to celebrate Jesus' birth.

The Score

The Ring Out The Bells score comes with the piano score, script, lyric sheets and a CD of the backing tracks (sung and unsung).

Click on the icons to hear a sample of the music.

1. Party
2. The Star Song
3. Mary and Joseph
4. The Donkey Song
5. Hustle and Bustle
6. The Stable Song
7. Lullaby
8. The Shepherds' Song
9. The Wise Men
10. Herod
11. Ring Out The Bells


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