Why did we write it?

After many years of working with pre-school and keystage 1, we were finding
it increasingly difficult to buy the right musical material for this age group and we hope that teachers in our situation will find that Little Baby King fills the gap in the market and that it is fun to play and produce for both teachers and children.

Song List

1. Listen To Our story
2. Clip-clop Donkey
3. Travelling
4. Tap, Tap, Knock, Knock
5. The Inn Song
6. Mary Is Rocking Her Baby
7. Shepherds Song
8. Wise Men Three
9. The Lullaby
10. Happy Birthday Jesus.

Angela Watney

Angela was trained as a dancer at Elmhurst Ballet School followed by a dance teachers degree. She has had many years of experience of teaching dance and drama in schools and was the co-founder of a childrens drama club working with younger children and teenagers. She has directed and written humdreds of musical plays and happily works with pre-school children through to sixth form productions. She is married with four children.

Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor tranined as a pianist and did a degree in music at Trinity
College of Music. Since that time she has taught in several different
schools as Head of Music as well as privately tutored children up to grade
8. She is currently working at Glenesk School with Angela and Little Baby
King is the fourth musical that Alison has written for children. She is married with three children.

Special Thanks

Angela and Alison would like to thank the staff and children of Glenesk
School, East Horsley, Surrey for all their hard work and enthusiam:- Top Form for the cover design and for singing on the C.D. Form 1 for the art work. Also a special thank you to the headmistress, Mrs Sue Johnson for her enthusiasm in the project.


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