Sam is having trouble revising for her Biology tests and is transported into the magical world of her own body where Lucy Blood takes her around to meet all the different organs. They each show her a little about their function in the body. In the meantime, Sam contracts a germ and starts to feel ill. The body have to get together, sort out their differences and work on ridding Gary Germ from the body so Sam is well again. They realise that sometimes we can't do everything on our own and sometimes we do need to work together as a team to achieve good results.

The Score

The Body Rock score comes with the piano score, script, lyric sheets and a CD of the backing tracks (sung and unsung) and licence details.

Click on the icons to download a wav file sample of the music.

1 Introduction - Body Rock
2 Lucy Blood
3 Harry Heart
4 Brian Brain
5 Kidney Twin's Rap
6 Lu and Lu
7 Lenny the Liver
8 Gary Germ
9 Working Together
(Body Rock - Reprise)
10 Medley


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