Watnots produces fun and educational musicals for children to enjoy singing and performing. Watnots was setup by Sarah Medeiros and Alastair McPherson who have been writing together since 2002. They also produce musicals written by other writers and composers.

We want Watnots to be easy, simple and accessible to use. With each musical we provide a piano score, script, lyric sheets and a backing track CD (sung and unsung).

We hope you enjoy our music!


Watnots Music produces musicals especially designed for children to perform, with tunes that are catchy, upbeat, and enjoyable. In fact Samantha - a very special friend of mine - can't stop singing them! And the ingenious thing is that without realising it Samantha's learning facts whilst singing songs. What better way to liven up learning!

Of course the educational benefits are countless: team work, discipline, training and memory, (to name a few). Add to this, the sheer joy of taking part and receiving praise - important for a child's sense of self-worth - and you have a very attractive package.

Children love it, mums and dads love it and I highly recommend it!!!
Diane Louise Jordan - TV and Radio presenter

Sarah Medeiros
- Director, lyricist and script writer, Sarah gained a B.A. Hons in Dramatic Arts from Leeds University, a post-graduate diploma in Acting from Mountview Theatre School and an M.A. in Dance Movement Therapy from Goldsmiths University. Her career has been varied, performing, teaching, writing and directing for children in schools, schools for Special Needs, theatres and churches throughout the UK and in Brazil. All the Watnots musicals are tried and tested by Sarah!

Alastair McPherson
- Composer Alastair has been composing music for the last 20 years, having received a classical training as a cathedral chorister and music scholar. His work to date, apart from the Watnot's musicals, include two major stage musicals. He is also currently moving into media composition for the internet, television, animation and corporate film work and hopes that through the launch of Watnots his collaboration with Sarah Medeiros will increase the access of musical theatre to more and more young people.

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